Ibiza Project invests on internet and social media marketing to promote its services in Ibiza and Formentera. 

Internet is now a vital showcase for all agencies in the tourism sector and, even for those offering high quality services, it's hard to beat the competition online without visibility and a good marketing strategy.

These are the main tools that we make available to the public on the net in order to be known, with complete transparency, and earn the trust of our potential customers and partners:

It's our business card, the main tool responsible for
 the perception of our brand. A fully new website, intuitive and appealing, where we will present our services, what's new about us and where you can find of course all info on our agency such as our contact details.

You will find
 inside our website. We decided to invest in the creation of original articles, concerning not only our activities and our best deals, but also news on Ibiza and Formentera, with the aim to inform our followers about the destinations that we propose them.

Social media are increasingly used for commercial purposes, as
 a meeting point where clients and agencies can interact and build a direct relationship, based on mutual trust.

On our Facebook page we will keep you informed on a daily basis on our world and the one we operate in, the Pitiusas Islands, with contents of sure interest, starting with all the news we publish on our blog.

We intend to make the best use of the opportunity offered by social networks and we will be shortly on other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

For all the latest news and our best proposals, we invite you to follow us online!

For any inquiries or quotation request, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel. +34.971.399243
Mob. +34.610.306119